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Indian Political Science Association (IPSA) is the highest and largest academic and professional body of teachers and scholars of Political Science and Public Administration in India. This is the national association and non-profit registered organization. The aims and intellectual traditions of IPSA are- Advancement of Political Science; Scientific Study of Politics; Dissemination of Knowledge; and Rigorous Political Enquiry.

This national professional organization of the discipline of Political Science came into existence in December 1938 at Benaras. Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant was its founder President, while Prof. GN Singh was its first General Secretary. Prof. Beni Prasad was the first Editor of the Indian Journal of Political Science, which was first published in September 1939. The chronological list of the conferences and the chief office-bearers is a testimony to the fact that IPSA has traveled throughout the country from Lahore (1940) to Trivandrum (1948), from Bombay (1941) to Calcutta (1950), and from Walt air (1957) to Ahmadabad (1966).

The Indian Journal of Political Science IJPS (A Peer Reviewed Journal) is the quarterly journal published by the Indian Political Science Association in March, June, September, and December every year. Started in 1939, the IJPS is one of the most reputed and refereed journals of Political Science at the international level and, in fact, the foremost journal of the discipline at the national level. The journal has over the years evolved as a major publication of scholarly works on ideas and issues important to the study of politics. It seeks to promote greater collaboration and exchange of ideas among political scientists in India and abroad. The position of the Editor of the Indian Journal of Political Science had been occupied by political scientists of the country at various points in time.

The IJPS has completed more than 80 years of its publication. The periodicity and regularity of IJPS at national and international levels have also increased tremendously. The website of the journal www.ijps.net has been providing most of the updated information. The national and global abstracting and indexing of the papers published in the UPS has also been restored to a great extent. The size of the journal has grown substantially and its representative character has made the journal truly a publication of a national body with a global association. The increase in the number of papers and book reviews published per issue has given the IJPS a global face. It has become the best avenue of interaction and dialogue between Indian political scientists as well as the international community.

Keeping in view the ever-increasing demand of the members of IPSA from Hindi speaking areas the half-yearly Hindi journal of IPSA has been launched titled Bhartiya Rajniti Vigyan Shodh Patrika. The first issue was published in March 2009 and the response towards this new venture has been quite encouraging and assuring.

The membership of the Indian Political Science Association has been increasing significantly. The annual conferences of IPSA are organized regularly for the last few years. We have been receiving a good number of proposals for holding the conference. The IPSA invites you all for active participation and cooperation.

(Sanjeev Kumar Sharma)
General Secretary and Treasurer